The Qualys CloudView application provides default AWS Security Overview Dashboard that displays a summary of inventory and security posture across resources. We also support dashboards for Microsoft Azure. The default dashboard contains the following 5 widgets.

Resource Distribution By Type: Shows distribution of resources by type. On clicking a resource type you will be navigated to Resources tab.

Failures by Control Criticality: Shows the number of evaluation failures based on the control criticality. On clicking the failure count, you will be navigated to Monitor tab.

Security Posture By Region: Shows number of resources & evaluation failures by control criticality for the selected regions.

Top 5 Accounts By Control Failures: Shows top 5 accounts with most control failures. On clicking an account you will be navigated to Monitor tab to view the controls evaluations for the selected account.

Top 5 Controls By Resource Failures: Shows top 5 controls with most number of resource failures.

Customize Dashboards

Dashboards help you visualize your assets. You can add widgets with search queries to see exactly what you're interested in. You can also export and import Dashboard and Widget configurations, from the Tools menu, to a file in a json format allowing you to share them between accounts or within the Qualys community.

Each dashboard is a collection of widgets showing resource data of interest. You can create multiple dashboards and switch between them.

You can personalize the default dashboard - add widgets, resize them, move them around to change the layout. Use the menu to manage your dashboards.

How to Take Action

Here's a quick look at your dashboard options.

Tools menu

Take actions on the entire dashboard:
- set the default
- create dashboard
- change layout
- delete, print, export dashboard
- import dashboard
- import widget

Widget menu

Take actions on a single widget:
- edit widget
- delete widget
- refresh widget data
- create template from widget
- export widget

Adding widgets

1) Start by clicking the Add Widget button on your dashboard. Show me

2) Pick one of our widget templates - there are many to choose from - or create your own.

3) Each widget is unique. For some you'll select query data source, a query, group by option, limit  and layout - count, table, bar graph, pie chart.

4) Click Add to Dashboard to view the widget in the dashboard. You could view the preview of the widget using the Test and Preview button.

From the Actions menu on the dashboard, you can also import and export widget configurations to a file in a json format, allowing you to share the widgets between accounts or within the Qualys community.

Resizing and layout

Resize any widget horizontally, drag & drop widgets to change the layout. Refresh your view. Show me

1) Click the Tools icon on your dashboard.

2) Select Edit Dashboard Layout.

3) Adjust the width for any widget or drag the widget to a new location.

4) Click OK to save your changes.

Refresh your view

You might want to see the latest data for a particular widget. Select the widget menu and choose Refresh. Show me

To refresh all widgets in one go, choose the Refresh Dashboard option from the Tools menu and all the widgets on the dashboard will be refreshed. Show me

Configure number of Resources, Controls

You might also want to choose the number of resources or controls displayed in your Live Feed widget. You can choose to display: Top 10, Top 5, or Top 3 failed controls or resources.