Steps to Download Configuration File

You need to enable access to the necessary APIs from the API library.

Enable Access to APIs in API library

(1) Navigate to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console.

(2) Select the organization.

(3) Select a project or create a new project. Ensure that you select the correct project.

(4) In the left sidebar, navigate to APIs and Services > Library.

(5) In  API library, click the following APIs  and enable them. If you need help finding the API, use the search field.

- Compute Engine API

- Cloud Resource Manager API

- Kubernetes Engine API

- Cloud SQL Admin API

- BigQuery API

- Cloud Functions API

- Cloud DNS API

- Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API

- Cloud Logging API

- Stackdriver Monitoring API

Create Service Account and Download Configuration File

(1) Login to the GCP console and select a project.

(2) From the left sidebar, navigate to IAM & admin > Service accounts and click CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT. Provide a name and description (optional) for the service account and click Create.

(3) Choose Viewer role and Security Reviewer role to assign at least reader permissions to the service account and click CONTINUE.

(4) Click CREATE KEY and select JSON as Key type and click Create.

A message saying “Private key saved to your computer” is displayed and the JSON file is downloaded to your computer. Click Close and then click Done.

Upload the configuration (JSON) file to complete GCP connector creation in Qualys Cloud Platform.