Configure GCP Connectors

Configure a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) connector for gathering resource information from your Google Cloud Platform project. It just takes a couple of minutes. Qualys connectors discovers and syncs resource inventories every 4 hours.

Get started

Go to the Configuration > Google Cloud Platform and then click Create Connector.

Create Connector option.

Provide a few connector details.

(1) Enter a name and description (optional) for your connector.

(2) Select a frequency at which the connector should poll the cloud provider and fetch data.

By default, the connector polling frequency is configured for every 4 hours. As a result, the connector will connect with the cloud provider every 4 hours to fetch the data.

You can configure frequency from minimum one hour to maximum 24 hours. We recommend that you configure frequency of 4 hours or more for optimal use of your connector. Configuring a low polling frequency (lesser than 4 hours) can affect the performance of the connector and may result in GCP API throttling error.

- If you trigger Run for the connector from the quick actions menu, the scheduled connector polling (as per the configured frequency) remains unaffected.
- Configuration of connector polling frequency is enabled only for Cloud Security Assessment (CSA) users.

(3) Download the configuration file from the GCP console and then upload it to Qualys Cloud Platform to complete GCP connector creation.

(4) Click Test Connector to verify if the connector can successfully authenticate using the provided service account credentials in GCP cloud environment. If the test connection is successful, proceed with the connector creation process. If the test connection fails, you may need to check and update the authentication details (configuration file) you uploaded for the connection to work.

Note: Ensure that you have uploaded the configuration file with correct project details for the connector to successfully fetch resource details.

(5) Click Create Connector.

That’s it! The connector will establish a connection with GCP to start discovering resources from each region.

onnector details required to create GCP connector.

Editing Connector Details