Global IT Asset Inventory

Global IT Asset Inventory (AI) help you to accurately assess complex IT infrastructure and quickly identify and remediate risk. Using a combination of Qualys sensors — Cloud Agents, scanners and passive network sensors — AI collects and analyzes data about assets across hybrid environments, and delivers up-to-date, comprehensive and continuous information about those assets as well as their security and compliance posture.

What are the benefits?

- Collects data from on premise (devices and applications), mobile, endpoints, cloud, containers, OT, and IoT and continuously discovers your IT assets providing 100% real-time visibility of your global hybrid-IT environment.

- Detect unknown, unauthorized assets that connect to your network and eliminate risky blind spots.

- Syncs with ServiceNow’s CMDB, continuously feeding it fresh data, so the CMDB can accurately map assets’ relationships, connections, hierarchies, and dependencies

- Categorizes data based on content research and curation techniques provided by Qualys security research and development teams

- Enriches asset inventory and search experience, adding asset intelligence by gathering comprehensive, detailed information on each asset, such as an assets’ hardware details, running services, installed software, traffic, etc. AI also gathers advanced metadata like hardware/software lifecycles, software licenses, and more.

- Allows the Security and IT teams to quickly identify critical or potential risks, such as end-of-life software, etc, and work together to remediate them.

How does it work?

With Global IT Asset Inventory you’ll deploy sensors on your assets and get detailed and enriched asset data which you can then sync with your CMDB.

Our free service lets you:

- Obtain asset inventory across environments

- Hardware and software is normalized and categorized

- Search any asset in seconds!

- Customizable dashboards and widgets

Once you Upgrade and you’ll also get:

- Continuous, real-time inventory updates

- Enriched asset data – hardware & software lifecycles, licenses categories, and more

- Custom tagging to automatically organize your assets and rank their criticality

- Continuously synchronize asset data with your CMDB

Get started by installing cloud agents

Start building your inventory by installing cloud agents. With our lightweight agents you’ll get continuous network security updates through the cloud. As soon as changes are discovered on your hosts they’ll be assessed and you’ll know about new security threats right away.

You can have cloud agents on private clouds, public clouds, on premise and endpoints to continuously discover your IT assets providing 100% real-time visibility.


Learn more about cloud agent

Expand your inventory with other Qualys sensors

Use other Qualys solutions to expand your inventory. CloudView to expand with cloud resource information, Secure Enterprise Mobility to expand with mobile devices, and Network Passive Sensor to discover unknown devices in the network. You'll take actions from the Home section of the UI only if you have appropriate permissions.

Qualys CloudView

Use our CloudView App to get complete visibility of your cloud resources such as public cloud workloads and infrastructure. You can sign up for free trial or request for a demo to see how it works.

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Security Enterprise Mobility (SEM)

Use the Qualys Secure Enterprise Mobility app to complete visibility, security and continuous monitoring for your mobile devices and data. Just request access to the Beta.

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Network Passive Sensor

Get Qualys Network Passive Sensor to identify known and unknown assets in your network instantaneously and eliminate blind spots across your IT environment. Sign up for the beta if you're interested in this free sensor.

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Synchronize with your CMDB

Now that you’ve built up your inventory you can upgrade to sync with your CMDB. Asset Inventory syncs with ServiceNow’s CMDB.

ServiceNow CMDB Sync

Use the Use Qualys Asset Inventory CMDB Sync app to synchronize assets into ServiceNow CMDB automatically. Start your 30 day free trial or request for a demo to see how it works.

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Manage your inventory

Use our guided search capabilities and craft advanced queries combining multiple asset criteria to search all your assets, anywhere - on-premises, endpoints, and clouds - with 2 second visibility.

Guided Search Tutorial

How to Search

View Asset Details

Geolocation of your Assets

Roles and Permissions

Users are created using the VM module. Non-Manager users must be granted permission to access the AI application in the subscription. A Manager or user with the Edit User permission can do this using the Administration utility. Know more about Roles and permissions.

Dynamic dashboards

Dynamic dashboards help you visualize your asset data in a central, customizable dashboard and share status of IT assets in real time. Add widgets with search queries to see exactly what you're interested in.

You can create and switch between different dashboards tailored for different purposes and users, such as InfoSec pros, compliance/risk managers, CSOs, etc.

Quickly get custom views