Get a granular view into your asset

This section gives you detailed and consolidated view for an asset with information of asset inventory, security posture, compliance posture, and sensor information to all interfaces for the assets. This detailed information includes IT and security data. This helps user to understand the security risks, policy and compliance violations, IT data such as licenses, end of life dates, network connections. User can flag issues any such problems.

For Asset Details, navigate to Inventory > Assets and then click View Details under Quick Actions for the asset.


Asset Inventory gives you deep visibility into the assets, granting you a detailed, multidimensional view of each one that encompasses its IT data such as:

- Asset Summary: Gives you detailed information to identify the asset, activity on that asset, last location from where the asset was accessed and different tags for the asset.

- System Information: Gives you system information such as hardware specifications, Installed software, including applications, OS, drivers, utilities and plug-ins for the asset.

- Network Information: Gives you information for the network connection to the asset.

- Open Ports: Gives you list of open ports and services running on those ports.

- Installed Software: Gives you list of software installed on the asset. This helps you identify the software version, end of license date, etc.


This section lists security posture for the asset. It gives summarized view for potential and confirmed vulnerabilities on the asset. You can view vulnerability details, apply patches and monitor possible malware.


This section compliance posture by a policy or all policies in your subscription.


This section gives information of the agent from where the asset is collected.